Artistic Cold Brew Instruments

The journey towards crafting the DUTCH LAB coffee art objet goes through multiple processes.

To bring forth its exquisite aesthetic form, we commence by meticulously creating design data.

Every individual component is then painstakingly produced in small batches.

The number of parts used for one art objet are more than 1200 pieces and each of these components is meticulously hand-assembled.

DUTCH LAB coffee art objet fulfills both artistic aesthetic and design practicability which then comes to a complete objet with the craftmanship.

Every process is the endeavor of DUTCH LAB for the utmost value for DUTCH LAB coffee art objet.


Dutch Lab produces dutch coffee tools,

 general coffee tools inspired by Dutch Lab’s vision, creates space with the ambiance of the company.

Our offerings also extend to interior decoration

that embodies the Dutch Lab aesthetic and even franchise opportunities.

Dutch Lab is the brand that spreads out gradually around the world, into everyone’s everyday lives.


Dutch Lab introduces a groundbreaking beverage service, promising an unprecedented experience. DBWD’s luxurious coffee tools brand, DUTCH LAB, caters to patrons looking for a distinct and conscious beverage enjoyment.

Dutch Lab’s dedication to crafting unique coffee equipment has resulted in numerous patents that showcase their commitment to advancing coffee technology and enhancing the coffee brewing experience.

Dutch Lab has earned a host of prestigious awards, with one notable accolade being the Luxury Lifestyle Award. Their exceptional work in the realm of coffee and luxury coffee tools has not only gained recognition but also positions them as a leader in the industry.

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