“12 cafeteiras com design de cair o queixo” by gazetadopovo.com.br

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12 designer chin-ups

Supertechnological and very well designed, they please both the eyes and the palate of those who love a warm coffee


Coffee runs in the veins of many people. Especially of the curitibanos. It is no wonder that Curitiba gained the status of “Brazilian Seattle” (the US city with the largest concentration of coffee houses in the United States). Bue beyond the taste, the process of preparation can also be a spectacle to the eyes,

Here comes the design. Therefore, not infrequently, many of these equipment are true sculptures. Check out 12 gringas coffee makers that can beautify your kitchen. The photos are a reproduction of Design Milk.

Dutch Lab Eiffel: the clearest mix of the sculptural design with the functional of the coffee preparation. HIghlight for the transparency, the rounded forms of the glasses and the direct reference to the Eiffel Tower


summary. source: gazetadopovo.com.br