2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Press Hotel Lobby

Modular Hotel for 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Press by Posco

DUTCH LAB Black Stainless Steel Installation

Steel is a material that is harder and colder than anything else, but the heat used to work it is hotter than anything else. The work born out of this ironic juxtaposition between coldness and hotness is paradoxical yet beautiful. The pattern in the work manifests the mechanical rigor of POSCO—who served as a driving force in the economic development of South Korea—and the passionate beauty that naturally blooms like a flower in the midst of that rigor. The work produced is based on the module, which is the production unit of the buildings made by POSCO A&C, in order to present the image of evolving architecture.

Feb 9 ~ Feb 25, 2018