The 50th Anniversary of Diptyque Paris in Boon the Shop


Diptyque Paris, 50th Anniversary Event in Boon the Shop, Cheongdam

In this anniversary event, Diptyque Paries unveils ‘Fleur de peau eaux de parfum’ and ‘Tempo eaux de parfum’ to celebrate.

DUTCH LAB has collaborated with Diptyque as an artist with honor.


Diptyque perfume bottles are placed on the dutch coffee machines specially designed by DUTCH LAB. Extracted coffee drops form the machine naturally remind audiences of rich scent of Diptyque pefumes. The reflected images of Diptyque perfume bottles and the illustrations with the dutch coffee machines in the mirrors visualize the unique scent of ‘Tempo’ and ‘Fleur de peau’.

Diptyque perfume bottles are placed in the room that is surrounded by mirrors. The room seems empty but it is already filled with scent of Diptyque. The place is finite but Diptyque becomes infinite in the room. The room visualizes the place filled with the scent of Diptyque by presenting innumerable reflections of perfume bottles in the room. The overlapped radial images of Diptyque logos on the floor also represent the variety of Diptyque perfumes. 


February 5, 2018