“Design Rangers” : 2016 Design Beijing by weixin.com



2016 Design Beijing | DESIGN RANGERS of Korea


DESIGN RANGERS team of Korea suggests the most rich-aroma coffee with DUTCH LAB coffee tools.

Their tools are made with complicated and fabulous lines and amazing craftsmanship, it looks like a majestic Gothic Building that cannot hide its brilliance anytime, anywhere.

DUTCH LAB coffee machines only use gravity, water and filters to complete ‘dutch coffee’.

Their prototype is a iron tower building with three leg structures. This 120-degree mechanism makes the coffee machine the most symmetrical beauty.

Each piece creates a perfect cup of coffee and also acts like a piece of art to light up your space design.

This arrogant and cool coffee machine will be unveiled at the 2016 Design Beijing and Korean DESIGN RANGERS team will bring more exciting products to the site!



summary. source: weixin.com