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2018 Design Beijing Special Project I : DESIGN RANGERS

DESIGN RANGERS is a Korean design team that integrates architectural design, space design, graphic design and product design. This year, DESIGN RANGERS once again brought a unique design to prepare a design feast for the audience to experience a visually appealing and enjoyable design in Design Beijing’s main visual exhibition hall.

DESIGN RANGERS draws inspiration from 19th century neoclassicalism. Combining the Baroque entity with a rational spatial layout, coupled with a storngly reflective metal material, abstractly expresses the infinite possibilities of space creation.

DUTCH LAB, a coffee brand line broght by the DESIGN RANGERS, focuses on the manufactue of cold brew coffee machines that are noble, extravagant and even able to make people feel wonderful. In 2017, DESIGN RANGERS brought the products of DUTCH LAB to the design scene in Beijing and brought the luxury and exquisite visual experience to a climax.

Under the design of the DESIGN RANGERS’ ingenious concept and wonderful design, the coffee machine is out of pure functionality. Unique pieces of art are created with medium and complex lines and amazing craftsmanship.

Through continuous cooperation with well-known brands around the world, the design of the DESIGN RANGERS and the DUTCH LAB has gained a lot of attention and recognition, and it is becoming more and more influential around the world.


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