DUTCH LAB – идеальный кофе и дизайн в одном месте.



DUTCH LAB is a designer brand Design Rangers specializes in cold brewing stations and drip coffee makers with a stately. luxurious and sometimes fantastic design. in DUTCH LAB you can see the work of the best designers fround around the world.

The rumors about the Dutch Lab appeared for the first time in 2014, after the company presented thr world the first work of these towers of the drip method of brewing. Now this product has grown to 4 seperate product lines, each of which uses anodized aluminum, brass needle balbes, as well as glass tubes and tanks. Undoubtedly, the owners of such machines are difficult coffee lovers: after all, they spend only $800 per pound of green coffee.


The “Minimalist” line from Dutch Lab represents thre different towers (the price varies from $320 to $540), which includes a dispenser in the stuld of ribbon cassettes. The “Basic” line includes 15 towers with prices ranging from $390 to $6,700 for the intricately design Tokyo Tower 2000 model. The line “Steampunk” includes 4 towers, costing from $4,300 to $7,700. And finally, the “Gold” line, which contains 9 towers, ranging from $1,700 for the  Big Ben prototype to $20,000 for models such as Gold Gothicism and Art Deco.


Not so long ago, the company – a branch of the Korean interior design firm Design Rangers – expanded the scope of drip brewing coffee to the sphere of cold brew (cold bresing). the kit includes a 30-liter container and bottles.


Delving further into the production of cold coffee (cold brew), the company also recently introduced 2 new service systems – including decorative plates, glassware, decanters, agitators and other vessels for liquids: Bain-Marie and Froid, both worth $1,800. But if you want to spend even more money on the cold brew system, a new Nitrogen nitro keg nitrogendispenser has appeared, covered with gold and glass elements. This station resembles a baroque steam engine.


Those people who believe that $8,000 is very expensive for something that just pours coffee, DL also presents its first product design for making hot coffee: funnel holders for $300 per station (funnels and decanters are not included) set.





by Aleksey K