“A Coffee Maker That Looks Like The Eiffel Tower” by fastcodesign.com

Coffee-loving South Korean design studio Dutch Lab takes an elaborate approach to your favorite morning ritual. The studio’s slow-drip, cold-brew coffee towers are intricate pieces of sculpture inspired by architectural landmarks across the globe.

Their Eiffel Tower-inspired coffee maker, in particular, looks like a cross between the Parisian landmark and a science experiment. With a glass tank and flask set suspended vertically, the coffee maker harnesses the power of gravity and time to make coffee without any electricity or heat. The process occurs slowly (most cold brew processes take around 12 hours), but the result is a less acidic brew than you get with a hot water system. This is not the kind of coffee maker you hide in the corner of the kitchen—it’s designed to be a work of art as well as a functional kitchen tool.

The coffee brewer comes in three different sizes, standing between a foot and a half and three and a half feet tall. Dutch Lab’s other architectural offerings include a Big Ben and an Art Nouveau-inspired coffee maker.

Eiffel 500ml is available for $340 from Dutch Lab.


by Shaunacy Ferro

source: fastcodesign.com