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Akma: demon of coffee maker

We are not short saying that the Akma of Dutch Lab is an unprecedented and equal creation.


A coffee? Eye with sartle. Yes, this gothic structure with a malicious and superlative aspect will be in charge of offring it to you. His name is Akma which, in Korean, means “demon”. And it is not that the product is bad (it is exceptional) but we understand the appellation contemplating its aspect certainly dark, striking the less. We speak of a piece that, beyond its primary function, more than meets a purely aesthetic objective that will e recorded in the retina of any guest.


This creation of Dutch Lab is, in effect, a coffee machine, yes, the most exclusive in the world and, surely, the most artistic. Being the best coffee maker, the logical t hing is that the best coffee is reserved for it, which will serve in exceptional conditions thanks to the cold drip method that is based neither more nor less than the force of gravity. You have to let her till the cup at will, without haste. He takes his time, but it’s worth it and the almost six thousand dollars it costs.


The device brought to the world by the famous design laboratory has a tank for three liters of water, three tanks for ground coffee (100 to 150 grams) and three servers. Its firm triangular support platform facilitates the removal of coffee jars with the greatest stability, which is not insignificant considering the considerable height of the pot.


To prevent oxidation, the machine is mainly made of aluminum. Thanks to the process of anodization will also be safe from imperfections for longer and will continue to look bright and impressive. All their containers are made of borosilicate, which makes them more resistant to heat and more hygienic and the valves are specially calibrated to avoid any possibility of a malfunction.


Akma  is a safe ivestment, of course. An original and delicious way to start each morning the daily routine with something as bland as her.




by Andres Galisteo

source: El Hedonista.es