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Demonic Dutch Lab Coffee Maker

A coffee maker called AKMA, wh ich in Korean means “devil”, is intended for coffee asthetes with angelic patience


Unlike the classic Saint AKMA 3000ml coffee machines, it does not boil water, but works by the cold drip method, using the laws of gravity. Water passes from the top of the glass sphere to the second tier, where containers with ground coffee are placed, and then goes to the lower level. The owners of curiosities in the style of Victorian steampunk will have to be patient, because the whole process takes several hours. Korean company Dutch Lab offers to charge the “hellish” car from the evening to get coffee in the morning.

The design of Saint AKMA 3000ml allows you to explore the mystery of making coffee, and thanks to the cold method, the drink loses umpleasant sourness.

The price of the golden edition of coffee machines – $7600


Photo: Press archieve

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source: Robb Report Russia