About us


Modern days, coffee means more than just a drink. It is a symbol of socializing, composure and passion. Back in 1600s, sailors of Netherlands who spread coffee to the world originated a coffee brewing method using cold water. Designers inspired by this brewing method created premium dining objet brand DUTCH LAB with the hands of craftsman. DUTCH LAB objet as dining objet allows the duration of time needed to brew cold drip coffee as an art performance within its picturesque and majestic design. Every moment you spend with DUTCH LAB objet inside the space of DUTCH LAB objet performance becomes a new symbol and offers an experience to share the values.


DUTCH LAB is a high-class design brand for coffee goods, launched by Design Rangers in 2012. Designers of architectural, industrial and graphic from Hong-Ik University who are engaged in various design activities created DUTCH LAB with tremendous love towards coffee.
Artistic value of DUTCH LAB objets are supported with its functionality of its structure and its practicality proven by the collaborate works with baristas. The unchallenged style of DUTCH LAB is recognized in many different countries and the objets are exhibited around the world.
The creators of DUTCH LAB are always in search for new ways to magnify our machines’ efficiency. DUTCH LAB focuses not only on the perfect coffee and the most beautiful design but also on the best quality materials. Each and every piece that is used to produce a single model is carefully chosen starting from the type of material, manufacture process to its finish for user convenience and environment conservation.


The journey to make the DUTCH LAB coffee art objet goes through multiple process. In order to materialize and actualize the aesthetic formative, we create design data and every single part is manufactured in small batches. The number of parts used for one art objet is more than 1200 pieces and every piece is assembled by hands. DUTCH LAB coffee art objet fulfills both artistic aesthetic and design practicability then comes to a complete objet with the craftsmanship. Every process is the endeavor of DUTCH LAB for the utmost value for DUTCH LAB coffee art objet.


DUTCH LAB is always seeking for ways to present the experience of intense but tender cup of coffee. New designs of coffee tools that came to the world from everlasting time of consideration and cultivation is opened to the public annually in exhibitions. Through these exhibitions, DUTCH LAB shares thoughts, solicitude for coffee lovers and the very special experience only feasible by DUTCH LAB coffee tools by presenting DUTCH LAB in space, not only from the coffee tools. This presentation impressed many others, leading to a collaboration project with MCM, Swarovski and Gentle Monster which introduced the image of DUTCH LAB worldwide.
DUTCH LAB produces coffee tools inspired by DUTCH LAB image, space with the ambiance of DUTCH LAB, interior decoration with the essence of DUTCH LAB and franchise by extension. DUTCH LAB is the brand that spreads out gradually around the world, into everyone’s everyday lives