Coffee Roasters in New York

One can consume more than couple of cups of coffee a day.
In order to prepare new ways to enjoy coffee, DUTCH LAB made a journey to meet the coffee roasters in NYC.

The first roaster that DUTCH LAB met was a place that makes experimental attempt with the coffee beans.
Every single process and cost starting from the name of the farmer, the altitude and the size of the coffee farm to the point the coffee bean product to be placed on the shelf is clearly opened on their label.
Customer trust is gained and the specialty of the bean is empathized.
They are also planning to produce new kind of coffee bean that goes through unique process.
DUTCH LAB is thrilled to plan for a collaboration in the future.

DUTCH LAB met another roaster that brews cold brew coffee using differentiated method.
It was common to add flavor and aroma to the cold brew coffee after the brewing process is completed.
DUTCH LAB was experimenting other methods to enrich the flavor and aroma of cold brew coffee and here in NYC, met the roaster who was using the suitable sweetener and/or spice during the brewing process to complete the harmony of flavor to their cold brew coffee.
They were making the experimental attempt that goes in the same direction that DUTCH LAB was looking into the possibility to find the perfect taste of coffee.
Encountering another partner on our journey of coffee was mind-blowing.

The moment where a cup of coffee becomes the special experience designed by DUTCH LAB.
The expectant of a detour this visit to the roasters will suggest on DUTCH LAB’s coffee adventure on top of coffee design service providing new customer experience excites the DUTCH LAB crew.