“Devilish Coffee” in Daily Cappuccino

Cold brew coffee? According to tradition, a Dutch discovery. With the help of heaviness eight and just cold water, you let time do its work. According to Dutch Lab, which is also a Korean company, that is the way to brew the perfect cup of coffee. They even say that it’s best to let your coffee ripen overnight. The process takes so long that they work with diffeent reservoirs and specially designed valves that mix water and coffee in such a way that the result approaches the divine. No bitter oils or unwanted flavors. However, if you do not feel like a cold box, you can heat your coffee with steam at the end of the process.

Not just a cup in the Nespresso or a push of a button. Coffee is art and that is what your device – I must say object – must naturally also radiate. And I can promise you that Dutch Lab does. Their ingenious devices are genuine examples of craft and crafts. Sources of inspiration from architecture have already caused on overwhelming effect. In this way they already created a machine that showed great resemblance to the Eiffel Tower. The latest acquisition, however, is inspired by a fantasy world called ‘AKMA’, the Korean word for devil. That source of inspiration gives the device a brutal almost ominous appearance. Are you ready for coffee that shivers you in different ways over the back walk?


by Petrick the King

source: Daily Cappuccino