DUTCH LAB Eiffel model in Popular Mechanics

This Giant Cold Brew Coffee Maker Looks Like the Eiffel Tower

Coffee? Oui.


Move aside, Mr. Coffee. The new way to brew your joe is in a coffee maker that looks like the Eiffel Tower.

Created by Dutch Labs (actually located in South Korea, not the Netherlands), the contraption is designed to make some most-excellent cold brew. The tower design isn’t just a clever nod to the famous French tower, it’s also a functional way to brew a proper cold brew. Just make sure you have ample counter space.

There are three models, ranging from one and a half feet to three and a half feet tall. Dutch Labs also builds models that resemble the Big Ben, windmills, and other towers available at their site, not to mention steampunk coffee makers for supervillains. The new brew machine may set you back a bit, The smallest Eiffel model is $340, while the tallest is $2,500.

Maybe they can make one in the shape of a Saturn V next.


by John Wenz

source: Popular Mechanics