DUTCH LAB Eiffel models in Club Cafe Gourmet

Dutch Lab: A coffee prepared by an Eiffel Tower


The coffee machines, we are familiar with Club Gourmet Coffee as you can see in our section dedicated to coffee machines. But when they adopt a more than original concept addressed to the purists of the object where the coffee finally becomes secondary, we are all the more delighted to talk about it. And today, we present the Dutch Lab Eiffel.

What about coffee?

Let it be said right away, the interest of this machine does not really lie in the coffee it produces because it offers a long cold extraction method to run. The manufacturer would even recommend making coffee the day before for the next day … The oppoairw of current trends that offer a coffee always more convenient, fast and automated so  you do not waste time in the morning. But the coffee is on the other hand very good bill and loses its bitterness with cold method. And because it’s a real concept, this machine does not require electricity or hot water! Everything is achieved via the gravitational force!


A decorative object for alchemists!

If we put aside the coffee to focus on the object itself, the latter is a true atypical creation. Available in three formats (500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml), these three machines are composed of metal structures that take our famous Eiffel Tower for architectural base. Like our national monument, these machines have several compartments (floors) glass, one for cold water, one for coffee and the last serving as a contaner down where you find your coffee ready.


A totally unique object that werloved by its originality an dif you want to know more or even you get it, we can only advise you to visit the site of Studio Dutch lab.


source: Club Cafe Gourmet