Dutch Lab Steampunk in Departures





A collaboration of two design studios and a barista, Dutch Lab makes limited edition stempunk-inspired contraptions in Korea.


Aside form being a stunning centerpiece in any room, it produces the ideal cup of Dutch coffee using the cold-drip method.


The eye-catching “architectural” look is create using a combination of anodised aluminum, brass needle valves, borosilicate glass tubes and three glass-blown, verticaally aligned flasks.


Gravity is key in a method that takes time in pursuit of perfection, pushing and heating the water as it trickles form the top receptacle to the bottom one. Such is the wait, the maker recommends filling it up last thing at night to have the perfect cuppa in the morning.


While not ideal for the caffeine addict in a rush, the Steampunk is a striking talking point, and the Dutch coffee, made from slightly more coarsely ground beans, is worth the wait if you have the time.



summary. source: departires-international, winter 2014 issue