Dutch Lab in Weekend Deluxe Magazin



Cold Coffee

True artworks are the espresso machine from “Dutch Lab”, which not only uses an unusual look. but also a unique brewing method. In the elaborate artworks, the coffee is not heated, but usually brewed cold. Electricity or other energy is ot necessary for this kind of preparation, the only force necessary for a glass of cheap espresso is gravity. However, attention should be paid to the degress of coffee grinding in the “dutch coffee”. This is somewhere between espresso starch and that of the filtered coffee. The resulting concentrate is, depending on the taste, prolonged with hot or cold water, milk is not a taboo. By the way, cold coffee is said to have a certain sweetness because it contains less acid than regular espresso.


The “Gothicism” of Dutch-Lab is celebrated as the Katherdale of coffee and comes for 5,635 euros in the own household. The special method of preparation leaves the coffee cold. Although it requires patience, but the result rewards for the long wait.


Rough or fine? The texture of the coffee should always be adapted to the machine and the method of preparation. Filtered coffee (machine or by hand) requires coarser grind than. B. coffee for espresso machines. If the coffee powder is ground too finely, the coffee becomes bitter during filter preparation.


“Until I drink my coffee, I never laugh.”  Clark Gable, Actor


source: weekend deluxe magazin (Austria), winter 2014 issue