“DUTCH LAB Limited Edition Coffee Brewer”by robbgear.robbreport.com

DUTCH LAB Limited Edition Coffee Brewer


Victoriana tech for cold-brew enthusiasts and aesthetes with a taste for the avant-garde


Named for the Korean word for devil, AKMA is a specialty cold-drip brewer for the discerning drinker with the patience of a saint

Caffeine Machine

Coffee machines are normally timid creatures—the appliance equivalent of khakis has remained quiet on most fronts. Cold-brew technique turns almost everything we know about coffeemaking upside down. Reimagining the kitchen’s faithful mainstay, Korean coffee brand Dutch Lab (in collaboration with Mozi Studio and De-Bang in Seoul) has pumped up the volume with a staggering collection of architectural, mad genius cold-brew models, one of the most striking of which stands over 3 feet tall, doesn’t take shortcuts, and has nothing to hide.

Mad genius cold-brewer

The Saint AKMA 3000 ml emerges like a steampunk apparition, a clear polycarbonate form betraying the confidences of its brass and stainless-steel mechanisms. Unlike conventional coffee makers, the Saint AKMA does not boil water, relying instead on the forces of gravity for its cold-brew method: Water travels carefully from the upper glass orb down to the second tier, which houses flasks of ground coffee, and eventually journeys to the final level where the java mixture awaits. Patience is the way of this technique, as the entire process requires several hours. Dutch Lab suggests setting up the AKAM overnight for sunrise gratification. This decadent transparence grants liberties to each drinker, who can adjust the water-to-coffee ratio via calibrated valves, and enjoy a less acidic brew. Far from the morning rush at Starbucks or the push-button routine, Dutch Lab’s dramatic invention ensures that the Industrial Revolution will be caffeinated.



source: robbgear.robbreport.com