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Dutch Lab’s unique cold coffee machine


Dutch Lab, a Seoul -based studio, is famed for its Steampunk-style cold coffee machines, a science fiction inspired by the heyday of steam engines for the world. Classic fans of the glorious industrial era in the past.


The Dutch Lab is launched in 2012, when Jaewoong Kwak started the production of an industrial espresso machine, based on a Dutch-oriented method that requires patience from the consumer. Mix the ground coffee with the water at room temperature, for a relatively long time (maybe 24 hours), to make the droplets more coarse and purer.


Another prominent gothic design is the Black & Gold Edition AKMA 3000 ($17,000), a “tower” made of high-grade alumium, brass so sophisticated patterns and a glass vase are hand crafted, reminiscent of the medieval churches.


Meanwhile, the Nitrogen sample ($8,000) is a beautifully designed, well-balanced design for premium coffee droplets. Made from stainless steel and alumium, the machine features a nitrous gas chamber alongside 19th centruty architectural lines instead of the classic image of traditional icing appliances.


For different coffee flavoring techniques, the taste is of paramount importance. With the Nitrogen sample, Dutch Lab sad, the taste of coffee will be light beer.


“When testing nitro gas with a coffee machine, the sour taste is perfectly balanced in coffee. So, we launched the Nitro model to introduce a taste of Dutch coffee with a delicate taste, with a foam like bubbly ice cream,” according to Dutch Lab.


Bain Marie design ($ 1,800) is also inspired by the science fiction department, for those who want to warm coffee without sacrificing the flavor of the great black liquid. “The name comes from the French word “bain marie’, which means tank. If you want to heat a cup of coffee, do not boil it directly because it can reduce the taste of the coffee, instead, the coffee warmed from the hot water will taste better than that.”


source: Robb Report Vietnam