“Dutch Lab unveils AKMA steampunk coffee machine based on supervillains” by Designboom

dutch lab unveils AKMA steampunk coffee machine based on supervillains

dutch labthe creator of the steampunk cold drip coffee machine ‘gothicism‘, has unveiled another contraption called ‘AKMA’. the name has been derived from the korean word for ‘devil’, which is reflected in the dark and sharp details that shape its overall character.

the characteristic of cold drip coffee tools is their perpendicularity to the ground dropping the liquid vertically. this is where the company took action and combined its vertical structure to a well related architectural designing element. the machine’s frame, viewed from above, stands at a 120 degree angle, making its stable triangular platform. compared with 4-leg designs, our 3-leg design makes it easy to pull out the flask and at the same time gives it a stabilized structure.

the main material consists of aluminum, preventing it from rusting. in addition, the anodizing process makes it last longer, safe from scratches with variety of colors and shapes. the flasks are made of borosilicate making it heat resistant and more sanitary. the valves are specially calibrated to avoid any chance of malfunction and they dissemble for sanitary use. the silicon tops secure the liquids from flowing, making everything simple and yet clean.



source: designboom