Dutch Lab’s Gothic Architecture Serves Your Daily Cup of Brew in inhabitat



This intricate cathedral-like structure actually functions as a cold drip coffee maker! Giving new meaning to the expression “the art of coffee-making,” Seoul-based design firm Dutch Lab built the towering structure out of laser cut elements fitted together with brass needle valves and glass tuves. The resulting complex technical device serves your daily cup of brew in style.


Barisa Jaewoong Kwak worked with several designers to create a futuristic coffee-making machine that looks like an architectural model. The one-meter high device called Gothicism has a gothic steampunk look and merges CNC laser cut elements together into an intricate mechanism.


The coffee-making process begins with leaving ground coffee to steep in room temperature for up to 24 hours. The liquid then drips gradually into a vessel at the bottom of the machine, which features no heated or electrical elements. Instead, Gothicism is made from anodized aluminum, brass needle valves and borosilicate glass tuves which form the cathedral-like structure. Due to the find craftsmanship and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, the one-meter high Gothicism comes at a steep price-it can be purchased for $7,250, while smaller models cost around $4,050.



by Lidiya Grozdanic

source: inhabitat