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Enjoy Your Morning Coffee with This Intricate Eiffel Tower Sculpture

There’s no wrong way to enjoy a cup of coffee. But thanks to South Korean design studio Dutch Lab, there is now a pretty elaborate way to add some culture to your morning java.

The studio creates slow-drip, clod-brew coffee towers inspired by architectural landmarks around the world. For example, its Eiffel Tower inspired cold bre coffee tower features a laser cut aluminum frame designed to mimic the famous Parisian landmark. In a post for My Modern Met, Sara Barnes described the device:

“The Seoul-based company mimics the structure and intricacies of Paris’ famous romantic landmark. Its French-inspired beauty provides a way to hold the coffee-making mechanisms such as the tubes and drip valves. The combination of its black, full-aluminum body with brass plating and glass makes for an elegant statement piece in any room.”

It isn’t meant to be a simple, practical kitchen appliance that hides in the corner or inside a cabinet. It’s meant to be a work of art that people can display in their homes. And it also hapens to brew coffee.



by Annie Pilon

source : Small Business TRENDS