DUTCH LAB Assemble – Fine&Raw

A good cup of coffee is sometimes all you need. But sometimes, you want something more. DUTCH LAB wanted to fulfill that “little more” while enjoying a cup of dutch coffee.

We all agree that dutch coffee has its own aroma and flavor. We did not want to compromise the uniqueness to other sweetness. And from there, we started a long journey until we met Daniel Sklaar of Fine & Raw in Brooklyn, New York.

Daniel is a chocolate artist producing bean-to-bar chocolates in his own factory, controlling every single step of making chocolate starting from selecting the finest beans using classic techniques, using hands. After long and slow process of fermentation and slow roast, Daniel brings the unparalleled quality bean-to-bar chocolate to the world.

The chocolates of Fine & Raw is free of refined sugar, soy, dairy and gluten. Sugars used in Daniel’s artisan chocolate is coconut sugar, specifically chosen for its slight hint of caramel that enhances the rich and deep flavors of cacao.

The chocolates are carefully chosen to pair perfectly with DUTCH LAB cold drip coffee to add another delicious treat that doubles the lingering flavor of DUTCH LAB cold drip coffee.

DUTCH LAB Assemble with Fine&Raw

Handmade bean-to-bar chocolate from Brooklyn.
This chocolate does not include refined sugar or dairy in order to keep the aftertaste of cold brew coffee longer. DUTCH LAB special edition chocolate with natural taste of cacao made for DUTCH LAB expression style.