“Gothic Steampunk” in LuxeVN


GOTHIC STEAMPUNK – Unique Coffee Maker


LuxeVN – DUTCH LAB recntly released a new product.


The Korean company called DUTCH LAB recently broke all the rules for a coffee maker by creating a full version. Their latest creations are Gothic-style, a towering building erected on borocilicate, copper and aluminum anodic (anodized aluminum – the surface is anodized). The “tap” can not descrive the absolute number of small details to create the unique design. Make sure you have a good time with the Gothic version. You cabn use the good quality with the frame, the frame is so close to the picture, and  you will be able to decorate the page carefully.

If you want to create a lot of things, you can get the best products and services, and the quality of your products by the professional barista Jaewoong Kwak – make sure you cover the contents of the cylinder.

This method is one of the most expensive products of Dutch Lab, surely you will want to have a Gothic style machine in your collection! The machine is sold for $7,300 (about VND 155 Million) through Dutch Lab website. Fortunately, thic device can be disassembled into 8 components for switching and installation.


by Ninh Nguyen

source: Luxe VN