“Gothicism Designer Coffee Steam Punk Style From Dutch Lab” in LB LUXURY


The Gothicism coffee machine in the style of “steam punk” was created specifically for sophisticated coffee aesthetes. Thanks to the efforts of the designers of the Dutch Lab company from South Korea, coffee lovers will be able to prepare an invigorating drink with the help of the original design coffee machine.

In this coffee machine everything is unusual, from the name, design to the way of making coffee. Gothicism is made of borosilicate glass, brass and anodized aluminum. As the name implies, the creators of a unique coffee machine were inspired by examples of Gothic architecture. Therefore, the design of Gothicism ʻa consists of a huge number of decorative elements in the form of pointed spiers, tall windows and arches. But in general, Gothicism resembles a Gothic cathedral and, according to those who have already prepared coffee with its help, it looks “ominously cool.”

The Gothicism coffee machine was designed by Dutch Lab designers by professional barista Jaewoong Kwak. Gothicism implements the so-called “cold method” or “cold brew method” of making coffee. The construction of Gothicism, thanks to the glass elements, demonstrates the process of making this drink.

Cold brew method allows you to get strong coffee with an intense aroma without heating. You need to insist coarse coffee in cold water for 12 hours at room temperature, and then filter out the thick. The result is a concentrated coffee with a smooth, fresh and deep chocolate flavor. Coffee made by the method of “cold brew” turns out quite a lot. It can be stored in the refrigerator and diluted before use with hot water or milk. From this, the taste of coffee will even improve.

If you are interested in purchasing a Gothicism coffee machine, then its purchase will cost a symbolic 7,500,000 South Korean won or a little more than $ 7,200. For convenience of transportation the design of the coffee machine is disassembled into eight parts.


source: lbluxury.com