“Gothicism – gothic coffee maker for 7000 dollars” in PCNEWS.ru


The design of coffee machines usually do not pay special attention. From other kitchen utensils devices are not much different. But in the South Korean Dutch Lab decided that this will not work.

A group of the best graphic, industrial and architectural designers was assembled. As a result, they managed to create Gothicism – not an ordinary device, but a real work of art.

“Coffee maker” is made in the Gothic style. The basis of its construction is brass, anodized aluminum and borosilicate glass. All of the above is due to the cold method of brewing the beans.

Here, an unusual vertical device fits just perfectly (for running off of water, which should go in a special way).

Coffee, apparently, in such a thing turns out very tasty. Doubt what was said is not necessary. He consulted the authors of the project professional barista Jaewoong Kwak.

It is worth Gothicism, however, not too cheap. Those wishing to buy pink windows, towers, arches and spiers will need to part with 7262 USD.

Gothic coffee machine with caffeine for caffeine.


source: PCNEWS.ru