Gothicism in COSAS

Talking about  coffee is talking about tastes. We have been enjoying it for some time, and in all its forms. The express classic, in particular, has become the drink of the moment, especially in cold weather and mornings at wake-up time.

It is not surprising, since for many, after trying it, the desire to perfect its flavor is inevitable. And how to get it? Very simple, finding the  coffee machine that suits our palate  which results in very clean coffees, with more body, thanks to its innovative and exquisite filtering systems.

Five ideas to discover the ideal artifact to turn aromatic grains into the best experience of the day.

Monumental drip

The mother of the designer . In response to the small capsule coffee makers, the imposing Steampunk Gothicism, an artifact that imitates the Gothic style of European cathedrals , stands on the horizon . Created by the firm Dutch Lab , it has a limited edition. The coffee machine is made up of dozens of slices of ionized aluminum cut with laser, and has copper needle valves and blown glass tubes. As a manifesto against all practicality, this uses the slow system of cold drip, which forces to wait a considerable time between cup and cup. However, its beauty is worth the wait.

utch-lab .com


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