“Gothicism Steam Punk Coffee Machine” by Luxury Insider

Architecture definitely isn’t just for cool buildings anymore! A South Korean company called Dutch Lab is pulling out all the stops to create the most visually stunning, detailed coffee machines you’ve ever seen! Their latest creation titled Gothicism is a towering behemoth constructed from borosilicate glass, brass and anodized aluminum.

The word “intricate” fails to encompass the sheer amount of tiny details accommodated into the design of the unique coffee maker. As the title suggests, the creators drew inspiration from Gothic architecture as a result of which the Gothicism is rich in familiar motifs like pointed spires, rose windows, towers and arches among other ornate decorations.

Created by a team of architectural, industrial, and graphic designers with the help of professional barista Jaewoong Kwak, the coffee maker employs the cold brew method of making coffee. This means that the coffee grounds steep in room temperature or cold water before filtering down into a decanter.



source: luxuryinsider