Holy Slow Drip Batman: AKMA 3000ml in Retecool.com



If you want a nice coffee machine, it is best to uberpoppen to Seoul. This is where DUTCH LAB is located (we specialize in cold drip coffee  brewers, AKA slow drip coffee or Dutch coffee) and they made this ruling device, the AKMA 3000ml. AKMA is derived from the Korean word for devil. What is more important is that it would not be out of place on this editorial board (do you read oh Great Leader?). It is such a device you MUST HEBBON, even if you do not like coffee, because what a fat thing is it: (Genesis Device) x (Doctor Who) x (the eye of Sauron) =


And yes, you can buy it.


by Toxteth O’Grady

source: retecool.com