Interview by W.E.B Magazine


DESIGN RANGERS is a design studio started with 5 designers from Hongik University.

Our team is composed of designers from various fields, so we didn’t limit our business to a certain area. If a design we want to do is interesting to us, then that will become part of our business.

To us designers, a dutch coffee tool that’s usually in the enterance of cafe was one of the interior decorations. If it’s attractive enough, then maybe no more decorations would be needed, we thought.

As designers, we could consider and come up with more ideas visually, but we didn’t have any specialized knowledge about how to brew dutch coffee right. Thankfully, there was a barista that we all knew and with him, we could get some help. Not only designing and making the tools but also when we needed to inform our customers how to use our tools.

This year, we had a chance to exhibit with Gentle Monster with our dutch coffee tools. We started designing the exhibition space while eshibiting Gothicism and Steampunk products. Layers of laser-cut papers created a fascinating afmosphere. That led us to another way that DUTCH LAB could expand – spatial design.



summary. source: W.E.B. Magazine Nov 2014 issue, vol.179