Invitation to 751 Design Store, Beijing


Come visit DUTCH LAB in 751 Design Store in 798 Art Zone, Beijing.

The building is just the steampunk style; doesn’t the word sound familiar?

DUTCH LAB team has added the ‘Unrealistic Ornamentalism’
expression of architectural objet using non-architectural material with glamorous splendor.

DUTCH LAB suggests the new point of view to look at architecture by using one of the most commonly used material – balloon.

And of course, don’t forget to say hi to our beloved dutch coffee brewing system;

Gold Edition AKMA Black & Gold, Gold Edition Art Deco and Gold Edition AKMA.


Our Life Design Brand; CLIPEN is taking part in this exhibition.

CLIPEN suggests comfortable moments with new design of uncomfortable but familiar things
with a little function added to it.
Visit for more information.

The basic function of writing tool – the writing experience, how the pen holds into your grip and profusion of colors of pen
will be shown in the exhibition along with the special function of CLIPEN – slide clip on paper.

CLIPEN has won the world’s three design awards and Asia Design Award.

Come experience CLIPEN and if you love CLIPEN, you can get CLIPEN at 751 Design Store.



But do hurry, we won’t stay there too long.

DUTCH LAB and CLIPEN will be in 751 Design Store in 798 Art Zone

Sep 19 ~ Nov 30, 2018