“Korean design team Dutch Lab launches steam punk theme ice dro pcoffee pot design Gothicism” in SMZDM.com

Dutch Lab is a sub-brand of coffee maker design under the Korean design company MZDB . It has launched more than ten coffee pots in five styles: Steampunk, Architectual, Modern, Movie and Dispencer. The recently launched “Gothicism” iced coffee maker is part of the Steampunk theme and is the most complex and priced design ever introduced by the studio.

The prototype of this coffee pot is a majestic Gothic building. The main body is made of anodized aluminum. It is laser-cut and perfectly integrated with brass needle valve and borosilicate glass tube. The bottom has a capacity of 150g. The beaker has an abbreviated design name for the Gothic design at the top. Functionally speaking, this object is just an ordinary ice-drop coffee maker, but its complex and magnificent lines and amazing craftsmanship can make the master instantly burst into a watch. A more detailed and professional ice drip coffee pot introduction can be found at the station in the sun .

Iced coffee pot Gothicism
reference price: 7.5 million won (about 45,000 yuan)
purchase channel: Dutch-Lab official website

The above picture is quoted from the Internet and is for reference only.


source: SMZDM.com