Meet the New DUTCH LAB Experience Course

Can you guess what that is in the champagne glass?  New champagne in dark color?


Meet the DUTCH LAB Experience Course.

더치랩 액스피리언스 코스가 궁금하신가요?  이 페이지 하단에서 예약방법을 확인하세요.

DUTCH LAB has introduced new ways to enjoy dutch coffee.

Froid, Bain Marie and Nitrogen.

DUTCH LAB Experience Course is served in a neatly designed tray.

On beautifully designed gold coasters.

This DUTCH LAB’s dutch coffee in glass cylinder is not just here to look good. They are needed.


This is DUTCH LAB Froid.

Froid serves ice-cold dutch coffee in fancier way.

First, put the glass cylinder with dutch coffee in the Froid filled with ice.

When the coffee is chilled enough, pour the coffee in a champagne glass with metal ice in it.

This way, you can feel the full aroma and taste of dutch coffee that safities you until the last drop.


Next is Bain Marie.

If you are not a fan of cold cup of coffee, then this will be the perfect choice for you.

Heat the dutch coffee in the glass cylinder using the Bain Marie.

Wait until the dutch coffee is heated to the right temperature.

Then serve it in a nice double-wall glass.

Everyone says dutch coffee is supposed to be served cold.

But try Bain Marie, you’ll feel the new aroma fill your mouth!


The last part of DUTCH LAB Experience Course is Nitrogen.

The Nitrogen tool is inspired by V8 engine.

And serves you with the perfect foamed dutch coffee in a texture of draft beer.


Only 38 drops of dutch coffee is brewed every minute.

It’s a long journey of patience to taste the rich flavor of good dutch coffee.

DUTCH LAB wanted to share better way to enjoy dutch coffee without adding suger or cream.


And there, we now have DUTCH LAB Experience Course.


DUTCH LAB Experience Course is now available by reservation only on Saturdays at DUTCH LAB Cafe at Hapjeong, Seoul, Korea.
if you want to know more about DUTCH LAB Experience Course,
Send us email at


DUTCH LAB Experience Course는 1시간 코스이며 사전예약제로 토요일에만 운영됩니다.

참여를 원하시는 분은 dutch-lab@dutch-lab.com으로 문의주세요.
010-8999-2714로도 문자 문의,예약 가능합니다



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