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Design Feisty: 거침없이 한국디자인

4 Sep – 12 Oct 2014

K11 Art Mall

Editor. Dani Daeun Kim


One of Kong Kong’s famous department stores called K11 is especially known for its interests in the art scenes and has been continuously striving to incoeporate art to its shopping space. To celebrate its 5th anniversary this year, K11 has been hosting art festivals that allowed its visitors to enjoy painting, illustration, art toys and designs. The event that attracts the most attention is Design Feisty: 거침없이 한국디자인. It is a very welcoming news that the creative works of the contemporary Korean artists are going to be displayed at the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui in Kong KOng. The exhibition is planned by the Asian Group Creator, PAICA as a cultural exchange event between South Korea and Hong Kong, and the event is planned to host gourteen promising Korean artists or groups. Participating artists/groups include Hyun Gwang-hoon who displays manually constructed pinhold cameras, Design Defense Corps displaying a metallic sculpture of a Dutch coffee achine, Kolon RE-CODE unraveling the essence of an up-cycling haute couture, Choi Dusu who portrays the arsthetic value of sculptures thorugh artworks using glass cups and ashtrays, Lee Wan who won the Art Spectrum Award given by the Samsung Foundation for Arts and Culture and typographer Ahn Sam-yeol who introduces the aesthetic aspects of Hangeul. A simple glance at the participants list creates a high expectation for an exciting exhibition. Hong Kong will be filled with Korean design and art attractions this fall.


EXHIBITION TITLE: Design Feisty; 거침없이 디자인

HOST: K11 Art Foundation

ORGANIZER: PAICA (Asian Creators Group, Hong Kong Design Center Korea Branch)

DATE: Sep. 4th, 2014 ~ Oct. 12th, 2015

VENUE: K11 Art Mall, TsimShaTsui, Hong Kong

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: 14 Korean artists (KANG Junyoung, De-bang, PARK Zinoo, AHN Sam0yeol, Yoo Jiyeon, Yoon Kalim, Lee Wan, Lee Esther, Jun Jihan(performance, Jung Dongkoo, CHOI Dusu, RE;CODE, HUR Boree, HYUN Kwanghun)