“Say Hello to Gothicism: The Goth-Steampunk-Dutch-Korean Cold Brewer” by dailycoffeenews.com

If terms like laser-cut anodized aluminum, brass needle valves, borosilicate glass tubes and hand-blown glass tanks get you excited, you’re going to like what’s happening here. The big guns are under the company’s “Steampunk” line — not associated with the Alpha Dominche Steampunk — including the “Basic,” which is hardly basic, and this, called Gothicism.

These are not merely ornamental pieces. Jae Wong Kwak has helped inform the brewing functionality, and several Dutch Lab pieces are featured at his shop, Coffee by Woong, in Seoul.

These units are in limited production, with prices ranging from 7.5 million won (approximately $7,200 USD) for Gothicism to lesser thousands for products in Dutch Lab’s other lines, including an architecture-inspired line with interpretations of the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben, a movie line that includes a steel King Kong scaling the Empire State Building, a “modern” line and even a cassette tape-themed cup dispenser



by Nick Brown

source: Daily Coffee News