SUPER 7 | “Proposal for Life” forum, the master came in weixin

On October 1, it was also the first day of the National Day, and the 751 Design Store hosted the “Proposal for Life” forum in the Art Space. The “Proposal for Life” forum will be held during the annual design festival, and special creators in the design lifestyle category and the owner of the buyer’s store will be invited to share as speakers. This year, Design Uncle invited Angelo Caroli, the Italian retro master, and Dong Geun Shin, CEO of the Design Rangers to share his master’s views and thoughts on design and lifestyle.
Speech topic: Design, What Else?
The Design Rangers was established in 2011. It is also composed of design experts from different fields, such as architecture, products, paintings and professionals from various fields. Design Rangers want to be different from competing companies, so people from different fields of expertise came together to create a synergy. 
During the 2016 Beijing event, the Design Rangers used a full 6-meter-long paper to introduce the brand and products, which attracted the attention of many Chinese audiences.
Through such a paper display, the design concept and the concept of the Design Rangers are determined. 
In 2017 Design Beijing event, mirror was added to the design in order to adjust to the change of the venue and to maximize the effect. 
From the beginning of the design to the paper, and later to the mirror, and then to the use of everyday life, the things you like to see can be used as design materials to form different solutions.
The mobile display frame that was later design was displayed at the Pyeong Chang Olympics. 
When invited to Beijing for the third time, the Design Rangers wanted to find a new material that can satisfy the three characteristics of paper variability, mirror texture and metal volume. Therefore, the balloon is used. The balloon column is about 6 meters high and the diameter is 1 meter. With 46 balloons, the super-large objects create a space with a dreamy, even if you don’t have to summon the audience, the audience will be attracted to it. 
During the 751 International Design Festival, you can see a space of about 3,000 balloon sticks in the cans of the fashion gallery. The Design Rangers has always redefined the material that users are familiar with and uses this material to share or communicatewith the customers. In order to find the answer to the “Design, What else?” question, although design inspiration and creativity are needed, what is more important is the enthusiasm and physical strength that can turn it into reality. We stayed here for 3-4 days. In order to interpret such a space, we blew one balloon after another, and connected the blown balloons one by one, and hoisted it. Through such efforts, we can see such a space. 
Compared with the value of functionality, we need to provide the corresponding value based on the understanding and analysis of the times and customers. This is the direction that our designers need to do. 



summary, source: weixin