“The Best Coffee Maker in the World” introducing AKMA in the Luxurytrends Magazine

The best coffee maker in the world


The most exclusive coffee maker inthe world, with an avant-garde design and minimal style costs about %5,200. Akma, that’s how they named this coffee machine. It’s the latest model from the luxurious  Steampunk. The design of the coffee maker says it all. It is minimal but at the same time “complicated”, elaboratd and with great multitude of details. In fact, a first glance it does not look like a coffee machine.

This coffee maker has a large water tank, about three liters, which can serve a large crowd of guests, who will not be indifferent to the beauty of this unique product. Akma is based on an aluminum structure with glass and borosilicate details. In the central part there is the water tank while in the sides there are two tanks with ground coffee.

Although Steampunk not only has this model, but also has other luxury coffee makers (previously created models) such as Gothicism, with a Gothic aesthetic the price of which is about $7,000, and simpler models that are around $4,000.


by Cristina Martin

source: The Luxury Trends Magazine