The Hotel Show Dubai 2019 (Middle East Design & Hospitality Week)

DUTCH LAB has made its way to the Middle East region thru the exhibition of The Hotel Show Dubai 2019.

The booth was made with white paper with patterns generated from the DUTCH LAB coffee art objets. The golden balloon symbolized the “drop” of coffee where cold drip coffee is also called as ‘the tears of an angel’.

DUTCH LAB has added a new version of AKMA called Burj AKMA. Dubai Special Edition objet where the steampunk aesthetic became the means to reinterpret the beauth of the Middle East into its own design.

Saint Art Deco was also introduced to the public.Geometrical patterns show off the presence within the transparency in this objet. The fundamental purity of coffee brewing becomes one sihouette like the wedding veil of the bride, visualizing the desire of hidden beauty.

The DUTCH LAB Gold Edition objets lined up in front row to welcome the visitors.

DUTCH LAB Experience Course was served in the exhibition. Visitors who made registrations could try the luxury coffee course using the DUTCH LAB Server Tools – Froid, Bain Marie and Nitrogen.

The DUTCH LAB Experience Course was more affluent with collaboration products of bean-to-bar chocolate and cocktail kit.

DUTCH LAB has made a long way to New York City to find these wonderful collaborations. 

The chocolate collaboration is from Fine & Raw, the best bean-to-bar chocolate artist in Brooklyn, NY to find the perfect taste to fulfill the aroma and flavor of cold drip coffee. 

The cocktail kit collaboration is from Cocktail Kits 2 Go, who brings simplicity and portatility to the craft cocktail experience in Manhattan, NY. Together, we created the best cold drip coffee virgin cocktail to be served as one of our DUTCH LAB Experience Course. 

Visitors could enjoy a new luxurious way to enjoy coffee, only with DUTCH LAB.

The unique design of DUTCH LAB attracted many visitor’s eyes during the exhibition.

Thank you for your love towards DUTCH LAB. Hope to see you again soon!