“The Saint AKMA, la cafetera steampunk definitiva de Dutch Lab” in Hedonistas Gourmet


The Saint AKMA, the ultimate steampunk coffee machine from Dutch Lab


The Saint AKMA is the cold-brewed coffee machine designed by the South Korean firm Dutch Lab. Its ‘steampunk’ aesthetic, cold processing and high capacity are its key points.

The South Korean design studio Dutch Lab, in collaboration with Mozi Studio and De-Bang, is responsible for creating one of the most opulent, ornate and complex coffee machines that we can find on the market, The Saint AKMA.

It is a limited edition, a Victorian style machine with a totally steampunk aesthetic, which borrows the word devil in Korean to baptize itself and, incidentally, infuse a respect with its name that already gets its presence.

The designer of this study aimed to conceive a cold-brewed coffee machine capable of transgressing the architecture of a type of product that has evolved physically very little throughout history. Of course, they have succeeded. Its aesthetics, its size, – it rocks the meter in height – and its intricate design, give a good account of it.

The coffee maker, as we said, brews cold and therefore does not require boiling water to prepare coffee. Simply the gravity and the game flows of water that take place in her, in their different levels, are the responsible ones that the ground coffee becomes drink of coffee. The process is expensive, it develops over several hours but, those who have tried the result, assure that it i worth it.

The Saint AKMA, with a capacity of 3,000ml, is on sale for just over US $ 5,000.



by Toni Castillo

source: Hedonistas GOURMET