“These Coffee Maker Are Caffeine-Charged Works of Art”on Supercompressor

Dreamt up by a group of designers who take their coffee very seriously, Dutch Lab’s line of remarkably intricate coffee makers are a refreshing departure from the sterile Mr. Coffees and Krups of the world. Their goal? Bringing the focus back to where it should be: the art of brewing.

The metal, glass, and brass hardware-laden pieces come in a slew of styles, with minimalist modern options, steampunk-tinged stuff, and a collection inspired by architectural masterpieces. They each differ slightly from one another, but could all be easily mistaken for something you might come across in a particularly fancy mad scientist’s lab.

You don’t need to be a career barista to operate one, either. Employing what’s most comparable to a slow or cold brewing method, they’re each equipped with a water reservoir up top that drips down through a set of meticulously calibrated valves and a series of filters, until eventually reaching your cup at the bottom. It would be hard not to genuinely savor a beverage that’s gone on a such a journey, just for you.


by Joe McGauley

source: supercompressor