“This is not a coffee machine, this is a work of art! Steam Punk Ice Drop Coffee Maker Dutch Lab Gothicism” in 486word.com

▲ This ice drip coffee machine is simply an amazing process of crystallization, retro industrial style and the shape of the fake Gothic building. It is awe-inspiring when you look at it, not to mention the coffee it brews.


Dutch Lab, a subsidiary of Korean design company MZDB, is a sub-brand of coffee makers. However, they are not ordinary coffee makers and utensils, but various industrial and mechanical wind coffee machines. Special coffee makers in the series: Steampunk, Architectual, Modern, Special, Movie and Dispencer, etc. Today, one of the Steampunk steam punks is the highest-end, most expensive ice-drop coffee machine.

It’s a bit like the style of a Gothic building. Just like in Spain, you can see a bunch of very majestic churches. The whole coffee machine is very large, 410X410X1100mm, and the amount of coffee can be cooked at one time, but the focus is still The majesty of the building and the characteristics of the precision handicrafts.


▲The location of the coffee powder is also very particular, from head to toe are very beautiful.


▲The precise design angle has the spirit of creating handicrafts.


The whole coffee machine is made of aluminum, the needle valve is made of brass, and the bottom is a 150ml beaker. In terms of structure, it is completely a simple ice drip coffee machine, but the complex Gothic architecture The structure, let it become a coffee machine art, while waiting to enjoy this coffee machine, absolutely forgotten the waiting time.


▲ While waiting for the coffee to cook out, while enjoying the crafts, it is definitely a pleasure.


▲But I really want to ask, after I have worked hard to buy it, do I have to assemble it myself? It should be a huge project!

This kind of thing should be mostly artistic, not suitable for real home use (not counting the wealthy family), the height is 110 cm, even if it is really coffee, it should be hesitated for a long time, but this art is crystallized, the price is too Exaggerated! Just look at it, don’t be impulsive!



source: 486word.com