Welcome to DUTCH LAB at The Hotel Show Dubai 2019

Coffee. It was always there with us, and it always will be.

If you are in want to discover special from the usual and luxurize it, you will not want to miss this.

At The Hotel Show Dubai, DUTCH LAB will run DUTCH LAB Experience Course where dutch coffee brewed from the DUTCH LAB’s coffee art objet will be served using DUTCH LAB Server Tools. Savour the dutch coffee in various ways but not compromising its own unique flavor and aroma. At DUTCH LAB Experience Course, the place one sits, the coffee that is served and even the moment enjoying the coffee will become one art performance, presenting one of the most sensuous experience.

Are you ready to experience one of the most luxurious hospitality with DUTCH LAB Experience Course? Contact us to make reservation at  dutch-lab@dutch-lab.com as DUTCH LAB Experience Course will be served upon reservation only.

Celebrate the debut of Burj AKMA, special limited edition designed to cherish DUTCH LAB’s debut in Dubai. The most opulent, ornate and complex presentable coffee art objet came from the balance of fantasy and classic where the steampunk aesthetic became the means to reinterpret the beauty of Middle East into its own design.

DUTCH LAB booth is designed with the paper. The transformation of commonly seen material offers the grand beauty and the geometrical pattern of delicate details that fills the space presents the special performance only to be seen at DUTCH LAB thru harmony with the movements of light by time along with the movement of the visitor. Inside the space of DUTCH LAB, 36 drops of coffee brewed every minute creates the meditational moment. Celebration of brewing can be found in the scene, the aroma, the sound and even in the space to be experienced and to be commemorated.

1600s, sailors of Netherlands who spread coffee to the world originated a coffee brewing method using cold water. This brewing method represented with cold water and long hours of brewing inspired the designers to recreation. With the hands of superb master craftsman, premium dining objet brand DUTCH LAB which embraces all traditional symbols of coffee came to life.

The creation of DUTCH LAB is the most exclusive and the most artistic in the world. DUTCH LAB objets are created in the harmony and balance of classic and fantasy. Coffee brewing process takes place on more than just a tool, but thru a performance of art. DUTCH LAB’s unique designed frame and glass parts meet in artistic combination and form the DUTCH LAB coffee art objet into an elegant art objet. The brewing process of 36 drops every minute seems to be quite long but DUTCH LAB’s coffee art objet will make those long wait a time to appreciate the artwork.

DUTCH LAB is the coffee & dining objet brand of Design Rangers specialized in cold drip coffee brewers with majestic, luxurious and fantastic designs. Design Rangers is a group of artisan designers from architectural, industrial and graphic field together engaging in various design activities. Design Rangers draws inspiration from the 19th century Neo-classicalism. Combining Baroque’s entities with a rational spatial layout, expresses the infinite possibilities of space creation. It is a creation of transitions and compromises, rules and distortions. Design Rangers presents a mixture of times and innovation, creating a beauty of fantasy into everyone’s everyday lives.