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A Moment of Transparency embodied for Stiffness" - Design Bangwidae(DBWD)

Nature provides us with a lasting stimulus for the best moments as a fleeting experience. The sun, which pushes the dense stars in the night sky over the sea before dawn and prepares to ride red. Just as the iron in a hot furnace turns into cold steel Nature provides us with this moment of intersection of heterogeneous textures and allows us to experience and remember. POSCO, recorded in our lives and memories as a means of expressing the memories of the moment of Korea's growth through the iron property of rigidity, is now trying to express the rigidity of a new era with dynamic transparency that can record future moments again. Through the ironic work process of rigidity in transparency, I would like to give double-thinking value to everyone who shares our time and express the contradictory meaning of "transparency embodied for rigidity" in order to convey the meaning seen in the invisible in the form of spatial performance





Location : The Sharp Gallery, 832 Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Construction period  : 2019. 12. 01 ~ 2019. 12. 20

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