Space & Hotel Fair

Amid the ‘2023 Space & Design Fair’, Dutch Lab collaborated with the event organizers to address various challenges within the exhibition space, such as customer service and waste management post-event. Employing our design expertise, we devised an innovative exhibition service area, showcasing it to the event’s attendees.

DUTCH LAB’s approach to space utilization follows the principle of ‘MODULAR & WASTE ZERO’, aligning perfectly with POSCO’s reusable panel concept that echoes the ‘WASTE ZERO’ philosophy. This collaboration provided a unique opportunity for us to synergize with POSCO’s commitment to sustainability.

An integral objective of our participation was to exemplify that even an exhibition booth can be environmentally conscious, refraining from generating waste. This stance encapsulated Dutch Lab’s central theme throughout the Fair.

Location : 513 Coex, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Exhibition period  : 2023. 8. 03 ~ 2023. 8. 06

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