Basic Model

The Basic Model is available in two distinct sizes: 500ml and 1000ml, making it an ideal choice for family use.
This series draws inspiration from renowned architectural wonders worldwide, iconic movies, and captivating designs.

Manufactured in glass and 100% aluminum, the Basic Model is light in weight, solid, and hygienic.

Detailed images

Ellie at the IFC Mall, 2022

2022 Space & Design Fair

Stunning detailed pictures of the Eiffel 1000

Another models

Basic model series

Starwars 500, 1000 /

Windmolen 500, 1000 /

Eiffel 500, 1000 /

King Kong 500, 1000 /

Big Ben 500, 1000 /

Art Nouveau 500, 1000 /

Eiffel 2000 /

Tokyo Tower

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