Bain Marie

$ 3,000

Capacity _ 100ml
Cylinder _ 100ml X 1
Glass _ DIA 100 X H204
Glass Frame _ W149 X D146 X H203
Tray Size _ W538 X D257 X H67
Hourglass Set _ W110 X D34 X H115
( 1min, 3min, 5min )

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Many believes that dutch coffee should be served cold as it is brewed cold while DUTCH LAB thought differently. Espresso, brewed in hot temperature is served hot and cold, then so should dutch coffee, brewed in cold temperature should also be served hot and cold. After experiments to warm up the dutch coffee without compromising its unique aroma and flavor, DUTCH LAB Bain Marie was beautifully designed to be one of the DUTCH LAB’s high-end luxury coffee art objet using smooth curves that associates the warm temperature.
Material Gold Plating Stainless Steel
Pyrex Glassware
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