Black & Gold Art Deco

$ 25,000

Capacity _ 3000ml

Size _ W400 X D415 X H930
Water Tank _ 1000ml X 3
Coffee Tank _ 100~150g X 3
Coffee Server _ 1000ml X 3

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Numbers of straight lines in black color forms the basic frame and golden plates form another glamorous shapes of lights in between. Together these two construct unique architectural and yet symmetrical pattern of DUTCH LAB Art Deco. This model presents the moderate glamour of golden lights which brings another charm of luxury and illustrates the process of coffee brewing somewhat mysterious and enchanting.  The design maximizes the ornamental feature of Art Deco and ascending design of towering skyscrapers which comes in modular system to suggest various combination performance.

Color Black, Gold
Size 3000ml
Material Brass Needle Valve
Gold Plating Stainless Steel
Pyrex Glassware
Silicon Cab
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