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DUTCH LAB Experience Course- Froid menu

Brown sugar-sweet flavor, clean and silky body and slight bitter aftertaste like cacao form this main coffee of DUTCH LAB Experience Course – DUTCH LAB Froid. DUTCH LAB Froid is served in champagne flute glass for richer aroma with stainless ice instead of regular ice cube to preserve its own taste to the last drop.


DUTCH LAB Experience Course- Bain Marie menu

Bain Marie is the signature coffee of DUTCH LAB Experience Course that broke the bias of dutch coffee should be served cold. 100ml of dutch coffee extract in dedicated tube is heated with water hotter than 95℃ in Bain Marie tool for 3 minutes then served in pre-heated double wall glass. Savour clean and rich bodied flavor and feel the difference from espresso based café Americano.


DUTCH LAB Experience Course- Nitrogen menu

Nitrogen dutch coffee of DUTCH LAB Experience Course presents the unique sweetness of dutch coffee the best with draft beer-like refreshment and creamy foam top by blending nitrogen with exquisitely brewed dutch coffee. Nitrogen dutch coffee is served fresh from the objet that one can clearly see the cascade of nitrogen infused coffee fall into the cup. DUTCH LAB’s nitrogen coffee is served in the exclusive glass to allow the joy of seeing and excitement of tasting.

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DUTCH LAB Bain Marie and DUTCH LAB Froid can be served anytime, anywhere with portable coffee course set,
Experience Course at Your Place.

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