$ 3,000

Capacity _ 100ml
Tray _ W592 X D284 X H41
Cylinder _ 100ml X 1
Glass _ DIA115 X H200
Glass Frame _ DIA200 X H237

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As the high-end premium brand claiming to be the premium dining art objet, DUTCH LAB believes in the coffee should be served as one perfect service item. This belief led to the creation of DUTCH LAB server tools and the basic tool is DUTCH LAB Froid. The service of dutch coffee that is brewed cold and gives the best taste when served cold was designed to be one of the proud DUTCH LAB high-end luxury art objet. The coldness has been visualized from the edge of the objet. Even the ice used to keep the cold temperature becomes one masterpiece on DUTCH LAB Froid.
Material Gold Plating Stainless Steel
Pyrex Glassware
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